• 15 Sep 2022
    14:00 - 15:30

    How can cities decarbonise urban logistics through Public-Private Partnerships?

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    Logistics plays an essential role in the transport sector, as “every place of activity requires deliveries, collection and servicing”, and brings along challenges such as congestion, air pollution, CO2 emissions, noise, health and safety, resilience, and costs to the companies, and liveability1. This is even more evident in cities where goods are handled, stored, and delivered.

    Nonetheless, cities are also the place where many solutions are being piloted to reduce emissions, congestion, and traffic of heavy and light duty vehicles by e.g. deploying e-vehicles at consolidation centres or cargo bikes from micro-depots.

    Establishing cooperation models between local and regional governments and the business sector through constant dialogue and combined planning is key to brainstorming and piloting new models that can decarbonise the sector.

    This webinar will provide a wide overview of the challenges and solutions to decarbonise urban logistics thanks to best practices and approaches piloted by cities and businesses.


    Organisers: Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office, ALICE, POLIS, ULaaDS, CIVITAS, LEAD.


    Context: the “Coalition of the willing on sustainable mobility”

    With the launch of the new Covenant Commitment in April 2021, cities are now committing to becoming climate neutral by 2050 and setting mid and long-term targets consistent with the EU objectives and at least as ambitious as their national targets. With this increased ambition in place, reducing emissions from the transport sector is going to be a key element for the climate neutral transformation of Covenant signatories.

    Our webinar series ‘Policy options to reduce emissions from transport’ will present different approaches and examples already implemented in signatory cities, which will give practical ideas on what type of actions can be included in your new or revised SECAPs.

    Each webinar will also allow time for discussion around common challenges and point participants towards resources, projects and additional information developed by the expert organisations part of the Covenant of Mayors Coalition of the Willing on Sustainable Mobility, who have contributed to this webinar series.

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