• 28 Sep 2020

    Communities for Future - Portugal Online Workshop

    Organiser: Others

    Language: Portuguese

    Description: Focusing on citizen engagement at the sub-municipal (village or neighbourhood) level, CfF is being launched by ECOLISE Portuguese member FCUL in partnership with Impact HUB Lisbon and with the participation and collaboration of Members of the European Parliament.

    This national workshop will present the CfF strategy and discuss its 4 domains (Inspire; Enable; Advocate & Learn) actions with ECOLISE members and kindred networks and affiliated individuals, in order to exchange their ideas of how they can bring CfF to life.

    Keynote speakers/participants: MEP Maria Da Graça Carvalho (TBC), MEP Alvaro Amaro (TBC), MEP Sera Cerdas (TBC), MEP Francisco Guerreiro (TBC), MEPs José Gusmão (TBC), MEP Marisa Matias (TBC).